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Its Nothing You Can't Do If You Put your mind to, there's nothing you can't do if you try 

It'S Not just a brand its a lifestyle

About Smellikemoney llc

SmelLikeMoney Llc is a Clothing line And a Record Label within it self, We cover the Music And Clothing industry in a 360 degree of Collections of Clothing for Men, Women an kids. SmelLikeMoney Apparel is a collection of Men And Women Clothing styled an Designed in five different Collection for Five different types of Hustlers. (Proper Goon Attire )For Every Hustler with his Goons XXL An Better,We Even Have A Collection for that special lady(Pure Sin) in a Hustlers life,Plus Our kids Collection (Ethan Amir). Each Collection is Designed to each hustlers Swagg an look .

Each Collections By Name: (Chase Money Collection),(Money Montana Collection),(Money2blow Collection),(Jay Gunz Collection) (S.L.M Collection)(Proper Goon Attire Collection) ,(Pure Sin Collection)(Ladies) (Ethen Amir Collection) (Kids)Smellikemoney is here to take over the fashion Industry.

Our Production Companies

Dungeon Productions

Smellikemoney Radio 

Dungeon Studio's

Get Right Or Get Left Management

Artist Signed To SmelLikeMoney Records:

 KraZ(The Franchise) KraabUp,(Silent Killer) StrZ (Da Beast) Sillva Rayne,(Da Darkside)WezZ WuudZ,(Mr R&B) ,Hood Rich&Jay, (Dynamic Duo)Trey Dollars(Da Youngin)

SmelLikeMoney "It's Not Just A Brand It's A LifeStyle. Chase The Look That SmelLikeMoney #wutitsmellike #smellikemoney2me SmelLikeMoney Radio New York’s #1 station for indie hip hop and R&B and Music from around the world Broadcasted Worldwide On That Tunein App For Your Phone